Birger is a Scandinavian name from Old Norse, ''bjarga'', meaning "to help, to save, to protect". It is widely used in Norway as Birger but also as Børge. The Sweden, Swedish variant of ''Birger'' would soon evolve into ''Börje'', however, the prior form would remain common, and were not be confused with its successor. The Icelandic form is ''Birgir''. Birger is primarily a Male, masculine given name, but can also be found as a surname.


People with the name Birger include:

Given name

*Birger, King of Sweden, Birger of Sweden, Swedish king *Birger Malmsten, Swedish actor *Birger Jarl, Swedish statesman *Birger Carlstedt, Finnish artist *Birger Hedqvist, Swedish lieutenant general *Birger Sjöberg, Swedish poet and songwriter *Birger Dahlerus, Swedish businessman and amateur diplomat *Birger Sandzén, Swedish-American painter


*Charles Birger, American bootlegger *Hugo Birger, Swedish painter *Malene Birger, Danish fashion designer *Pablo Birger (1924–1966), Argentinian racing driver *Trudi Birger (1927-2002) German Holocaust survivor and writer


Birgir is used in Iceland and the Faroes. In 2016, 1045 people had Birgir as a first given name in Iceland, and 285 had it as a second name.Hagstofa Íslands - Nöfn
/ref> *Birgir Ísleifur Gunnarsson, politician

See also

*Burger (disambiguation) *Burgers (surname) *Berger *Burgher (disambiguation) *Bürger *Børge *Börje


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