''BBC News with Katty and Christian'' (formerly titled ''Beyond 100 Days'', ''100 Days'', and ''100 Days+'') is a current affairs programme that has aired on BBC World News since the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Hosted by the titular Katty Kay and Christian Fraser, it focuses on the current US Administration, global politics, Brexit and news from around the world with attempted punches of irreverent wit and fun. Kay presents live from Washington and Fraser live from London. Fraser occasionally presents from Brussels (during European Council meetings) and also presented from the BBC Singapore Studio for a week during the 2018 North Korea–United States summit. Kay and Fraser presented from London and Windsor for a week in May 2018 during the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


The programme debuted in 2017 as ''100 Days'' and aired daily to document the first one hundred days of US president Donald Trump in administration. After the first 100 days of President Trump's presidency passed, the programme continued; it was briefly called ''100 Days+'' before it was launched in September 2017 as ''Beyond 100 Days'' in the same timeslot Monday to Thursday right after ''Focus on Africa'' and ''BBC News at Six''. ''Beyond 100 Days'' was originally an edition of ''World News Today''. The programme also airs on other networks. It premiered on 2 January 2018 on PBS stations in the United States. It appears that it has been cancelled on PBS after the introduction of an hour long ''Amanpour & Company'' program debuted the week of 10 September 2018. It also airs on BBC Four. In late August to December 2019, Kay moved to Senegal with her family to write her latest book. Michelle Fleury has been the main stand-in Washington anchor during this period. In March 2020, the programme was suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic, however, Kay and Fraser often co-presented a half-hour weekly look at what's going on both sides of the Atlantic at 19:30 on Thursday and/or Friday. On 17 August 2020, the show returned, albeit without its previous titling. The show moved timeslots to 21:00 BST.


The unnamed show is an hour-long programme, originally airing at 19:00 GMT weekdays on the BBC News Channel in the UK, and at 14:00 EST weekdays on BBC World News. In August 2020, the show moved to 21:00 BST in the UK and 16:00 EST on BBC World News. Most episodes are opened by Katty Kay who introduces herself and then introduces Christian Fraser before reading the headlines: Interviews are carried out both in the Washington studio and the London studio, with Kay and Fraser contributing to each other's interviews over the speaker. Regular contributors to the programme include Ron Christie, a Republican strategist who served as a former adviser to George W. Bush, BBC North America editor and relief presenter Jon Sopel, and political correspondents Rajini Vaidyanathan (Washington), Adam Fleming and Iain Watson (Westminster). In mid-2019, Vaidyanathan moved to Delhi and left the programme and John Pienaar - a former contributor - left the BBC to join Times Radio.


Since the beginning of the programme with attempted punches of irreverent wit and fun. Normally a random animal story, or jokes around Christian's electric car.



Former presenters

* John Pienaar deputy political editor 2017–2020


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