Astra may refer to:


* Astra (comics), name of two otherwise unrelated Marvel Comics characters, from 1977 and 1999, respectively * Astra (DC Comics) * Astra (film), ''Astra'' (film), a 2012 Bengali film * Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association * ASTRA Awards, annual awards presented by the Australian subscription television industry * Astra, a character in the TV series ''Ultraman Leo#Astra, Ultraman Leo''


* Astra Chamber Music Society, a Melbourne, Australia concert organisation, formed in 1951 * Astra (band), an American psychedelic and progressive rock band * Astra (album), ''Astra'' (album), a 1985 release by Asia * ''Astra'', a 1990 composition by Charles Wuorinen


* FC Astra Giurgiu, a Romanian football club currently playing in Liga I * Astra Krotoszyn, a Polish sports club * Astra Giurgiu, a Romanian sports club

Science and technology

Computers and telecommunications

* Astra (satellite), a family of satellites operated by SES S.A. * Trillian (software)#Trillian Astra (Trillian 4), Trillian Astra, codename for a version of Trillian instant messaging (IM) client * Astra (software), software to organize digital broadcasting service for TV operators and broadcasters etc.


* Astra, one suggested name for a hypothetical fifth planet (hypothetical), fifth planet that became the asteroid belt * Association in Scotland to Research into Astronautics, a Scottish space advocacy group * Astra Space, a US launch service provider * ASTRA program, a German [future launcher technology] research program from 1995 to 2005.


* ASTRA (reactor), Adaptierter Schwimmbecken-Typ-Reaktor Austria, a type of nuclear reactor



* Astra (1920 automobile), built by American company Dorris Motors * Astra (1922 automobile), French cyclecar made by E Pasquet * Astra (1930 automobile), shown by Belgian company Automobiles Astra, but never produced * Astra (1954 automobile), built by British Anzani until 1959 * Astra (company), Italian truck manufacturer, a subsidiary of IVECO * Astra Bus, a bus manufacturer based in Romania * Vauxhall Astra, British GM brand since 1979, originally a version of the Opel Kadett * Holden Astra, Australian version of the Nissan Pulsar, 1984–1989; version of the Opel Astra since 1995 * Opel Astra, produced since 1991; also known as the Chevrolet Astra and Saturn Astra


* IAI Astra, Israel Aircraft Industries-manufactured twin-engine business jet * A Handley Page Hinaidi#Variants, Handley Page Hinaidi prototype, later used for barnstorming in England under the name ''Astra'' * Stellar Astra, American ultralight trike design * Ultralight Engineering Astra, ultralight aircraft * Société Astra, French airship and aeroplane manufacturer * Astra Airlines, an airline based in Thessaloniki, Greece


* Astra Rail Industries, a Romanian rail vehicle manufacturer * Astra Vagoane Călători, a passenger rail and tram cars manufacturer in Arad, Romania


* Astra (aerospace), a US launch service provider, and its rocket Astra

Other uses

* Astra (beer) * Astra (horse) * Astra (Isauria), a town of ancient Isauria, now in Turkey * Astra (weapon), a supernatural weapon in Hindu mythology * Astra, Chubut, a village in Argentina * Astra AB, former international pharmaceutical company based in Sweden * Astra International, Indonesian conglomerate * Astra (missile) * American Specialty Toy Retailing Association * Transylvanian Association for Romanian Literature and the Culture of the Romanian People (abbreviated as ASTRA in Romanian), a Romanian Transylvanian cultural association * Astra-Unceta y Cia SA Spanish weapons manufacturer * ASTRA, a branch of Altrusa International, Inc

People with the given name

* Astra Biltauere (born 1944), Latvian volleyball player * Astra Blair (born 1932), British opera singer * Astra Desmond (born 1893-1973), British contralto * Astra Edwards (born 1981), Trinidadian table tennis player * Astra Goldmane (born 1956), Latvian chess player * Astra Klovāne (born 1944), Latvian chess player * Astra Sharma (born 1995), Australian tennis player * Astra Taylor (born 1979), American-Canadian filmmaker * Astra Zarina (born 1929-2008), Latvian architect

See also

* Ad astra (disambiguation), a Latin phrase meaning "to the stars" * Astro (disambiguation) {{disambiguation