Analog or analogue may refer to:

Computing and electronics

* Analog signal, in which information is encoded in a continuous variable ** Analog device, an apparatus that operates on analog signals *** Analog electronics, circuits which use analog signals **** Analog computer, a computer that uses analog signals ** Analog recording, information recorded using an analog signal * Functional analog (electronic), a system that fulfills the same function as another * Structural analog (electronic), a system that has the same structure as another


Albums and songs

* ''Analog'' (album), an album by Eureka Farm * "Analog" (song), a song by Tyler, The Creator, featuring Hodgy Beats, from ''Goblin'' * ''Analogue'' (album), a 2005 album by A-ha ** "Analogue" (All I Want), the title track of the 2005 album by A-ha

Books and magazines

* ''Analog Science Fiction and Fact'', a science-fiction magazine * ''ANALOG Computing'', a 1981–1989 magazine about Atari computers * ''Analogue: A Hate Story'', a 2012 visual novel by Christine Love

Other entertainment

* Analogue (literature), a literary work that shares motifs, characters or events with another but is not directly derived from it * Analogue (theatre company), British * ''Analog'' (TV series), a Canadian television series (1971–1972)


* Analogue (company) * Analog Devices, a semiconductor company * Analog (program), a computer program that analyzes log files from web servers * Analogical models, a method of representing a phenomenon of the world by another, more understandable or analysable system * Functional analog (chemistry), a compound with similar properties * Structural analog, a compound with an altered chemical structure * Substrate analog, a compound that resembles the substrate in an enzymatic reaction

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