Alur (Dho-Alur ̟ɔ.a.lur is a Western Nilotic language spoken in the southern West Nile region of Uganda and the northeastern Ituri Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The language's subialects are Jokot, Jonam/Lo-Naam (mainly spoken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo), Mambisa and Wanyoro.


Vowels Alur has 9 vowels. Consonants Alur has 23 consonants.


Alur has an SVO word order.


The Alur language has no officially accepted orthography. However, informal conventions have been established in written materials and road signs. First, there is usually no written tonal distinction. Second, the phonemic distinction between /ŋ/ and /ng/ is occasionally reflected in the orthography, with /ŋ/ represented by 'ŋ' and /ng/ represented by 'ng'. However, /ŋ/ is also frequently written as 'ng', confusing it orthographically with /ng/.


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