Age or AGE may refer to:

Time and its effects

* Age, the amount of time something has been alive or has existed ** East Asian age reckoning * Ageing or aging, the process of becoming older ** Senescence, the gradual deterioration of biological function with age ** Human development (biology) * Periodization, the process of categorizing the past into discrete named blocks of time ** Ages of Man, the stages of human existence on the Earth according to Greek mythology and its subsequent Roman interpretation **Prehistoric age


* AGE, the IATA airport code for Wangerooge Airfield, in Lower Saxony, Germany


* Åge, a given name * Aage, a given name * Agenore Incrocci, an Italian screenwriter

Arts, entertainment, and media

Fictional entities

* ''Ages'', worlds in the ''Myst'' video game series


* "Age" (song), a song by Jim and Ingrid Croce


* ''Age'' (journal), a scientific journal on ageing, now named ''GeroScience'' * ''The Age'', a newspaper in Melbourne, Australia * ''The Age'', a nineteenth-century American newspaper edited by Melville Fuller * ''The New York Age'', African-American newspaper from 1887 to 1960

Businesses and organizations

* âge, a Japanese media company * Agricultural & General Engineers or AGE, a group of engineering companies * ' or AGE, the Galician Left Alternative, a political party in Spain * American Aging Association or AGE, an organization for aging studies *Associated Gas and Electric, a defunct American power company from New York


* East Angal language (ISO-639: age) * Esimbi language or Age, a language of the Cameroons

Science and technology

Biology and medicine

* ''Age'' (genus), a genus of moth * Arterial gas embolism or AGE, a blood vessel blockage caused by bubbles of gas * Advanced glycation end-products or AGEs, proteins or lipids that become glycated as a result of exposure to sugars

Other sciences

* Age (geology) * Age (model theory), an aspect of mathematical model theory * Applied general equilibrium or AGE, a model in mathematical economics

Other uses

* Agé, a god of the Fon people of Africa

See also

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