1st Division may refer to:


Airborne divisions

*1st Parachute Division (Germany) *1st Airborne Division (United Kingdom) *1st Airmobile Division (Ukraine)

Armoured divisions

*1st Armoured Division (Australia) * 1st Canadian Armoured Division or 5th Canadian Division *1st Armored Division (People's Republic of China) *1st Armored Division (France) *1st Light Mechanized Division (France) *1st Panzer Division (Bundeswehr), (West) Germany *1st Panzer Division (Wehrmacht), Nazi Germany *Fallschirm-Panzer Division 1 Hermann Göring, Fallschirm-Panzer Division 1 ''Hermann Göring'', Nazi Germany *1st Armoured Division (India) *1st Tank Division (Imperial Japanese Army) *1st Armoured Division (Poland) *1st Mechanised Division (Poland) *1st Mechanized Division (Soviet Union) *1st Armoured Division (United Kingdom) *1st Armored Division (United States)

Artillery divisions

* 1st Anti-Aircraft Division (Japan) * 1st Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division (Soviet Union) * 1st Anti-Aircraft Division (United Kingdom)

Aviation divisions

*1st Fighter Division (China)

Cavalry divisions

* 1st Light Cavalry Division (France) * 1st Foot Cavalry Division (France) * 1st Cavalry Division (German Empire) * 1st Cavalry Division (Reichswehr), Weimar Republic, Germany * 1st Cavalry Division (Wehrmacht), Nazi Germany * 1st Light Division (Germany) * 1st Indian Cavalry Division – British Indian Army during World War I * 1st Cavalry Division Eugenio di Savoia – Italian Army during World War II * 1st Cavalry Division (Poland) * 1st Guard Cavalry Division (Russian Empire) * 1st Cavalry Division (Soviet Union) * 1st Cavalry Division (Thailand) * 1st Cavalry Division (United Kingdom) * 1st Mounted Division (United Kingdom) * 1st Cavalry Division (United States)

Infantry divisions

*1st Guards Infantry Division (Russian Empire) *1st Division (Australia) *1st Infantry Division (Belgium) *1st Canadian Division *1st Commonwealth Division *1st Division (Colombia) *1st Division (Estonia) *1st Colonial Infantry Division (France) *1st Free French Division *1st Division (German Empire) *1st Infantry Division (Wehrmacht), Nazi Germany *1st Mountain Division (Wehrmacht), Nazi Germany *1st Mountain Division (Bundeswehr), West Germany *1st Naval Infantry Division (Wehrmacht), Nazi Germany *1st Ski Division (Wehrmacht) Nazi Germany *1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, 1st SS Panzer Division ''Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler'', Nazi Germany *1st Infantry Division (Azerbaijan, 1918) *1st Infantry Division (Greece) *Infantry Division 1 Kostrad, Indonesia *1st Alpine Division Taurinense, Italy *1st Blackshirt Division (23 March), Italy *1st Mountain Infantry Division Superga, Italy *1st Division (Imperial Japanese Army) *1st Guards Division (Imperial Japanese Army) *1st Division (Japan) *1st Division (New Zealand) *1st Division (North Korea) *1st Infantry Division (Philippines) *Polish 1st Tadeusz Kościuszko Infantry Division *1st Legions Infantry Division (Poland) *1st Grenadiers Division (Poland) *1st Infantry Division (Romania) *1st Caucasian Rifle Division (Russian Empire) *1st Infantry Division (South Africa) *1st Infantry Division (South Korea) *1st Rifle Division (Soviet Union) *1st Caucasian Rifle Division (Soviet Union) *1st Division (South Vietnam) *1st Division (Spain) *1st Asturian Division (Spain) *1st Division (Thailand), King's Guard *1st Ukrainian Division of the Ukrainian National Army *1st Zadneprovsk Ukrainian Soviet Division *1st (African) Division, United Kingdom *1st (Peshawar) Division, British Indian Army before and during World War I *1st Infantry Division (United Kingdom) *1st London Division, United Kingdom *1st Infantry Division (United States) *1st Marine Division (United States) *1st Division (Vietnam)

Naval divisions

*1st Division (Royal Navy), Home Fleet, United Kingdom


* Azadegan League * Cypriot First Division, Cypriot's top men's football division * Danish 1st Division * Football League First Division, of the English football league system * Hong Kong First Division League * Kategoria e Parë, of the Albanian football league system * League of Ireland First Division * Scottish Football League First Division * Uzbekistan Pro League * First division (baseball)

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