The 1947 National Football League Championship Game was the 15th annual National Football League (NFL) championship game, held December 28 at Comiskey Park in Chicago. The attendance was 30,759, well The game featured the Western Division champion Chicago Cardinals and the Eastern Division champion Philadelphia Eagles A week earlier, the Eagles defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in a tiebreaker playoff to determine the Eastern winner. Both the Eagles and Cardinals were making their first appearances in the championship game. The Cardinals had won the regular season meeting in Philadelphia three weeks earlier by 24 points and after a week off, were 12-point favorites to win the title game This was the second NFL title game played after Christmas Day, and the latest to date. Scheduled for December 21, it was pushed back due to the Eastern division playoff. The temperature at kickoff The Cardinals built a 14–0 lead in the second quarter, then the teams traded touchdowns. The Eagles closed the gap to 28–21 with five minutes to go, but the Cardinals controlled the ball the rest of the game on an extended drive to win the title. This was the only NFL title game played at Comiskey Park and remains as the Cardinals' only win. The two teams returned for a rematch in 1948 in Philadelphia, but the Eagles won in a snowstorm. The Cardinals have not won a league championship since this one, over seven decades ago, the longest drought in the NFL. They made it to Super Bowl XLIII in the 2008 season representing Arizona, but lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Cardinals' win kept the NFL title within the city of Chicago; the north end's Bears had won the previous season. This was the Cardinals' last playoff win as a franchise until January 1999; at 51 years and five days, it was the longest post-season win drought in NFL history. They relocated to St. Louis as the St. Louis Cardinals in 1960 and Arizona as the Phoenix Cardinals in 1988 (changing their name to Arizona Cardinals in 1994).

Scoring summary

''Sunday, December 28, 1947''
Kickoff: 1:05 p.m. CST *First quarter **CHI – Charley Trippi 44 run (Pat Harder kick), 7–0 CHI *Second quarter **CHI – Elmer Angsman 70 run (Harder kick), 14–0 CHI **PHI – McHugh 53 pass from Tommy Thompson (Cliff Patton kick), 14–7 CHI *Third quarter **CHI – Trippi 75 punt return (Harder kick), 21–7 CHI **PHI – Steve Van Buren 1 run (Patton kick), 21–14 CHI *Fourth quarter **CHI – Angsman 70 run (Harder kick), 28–14 CHI **PHI – Russ Craft 1 run (Patton kick), 28–21 CHI


*Referee: Thomas Dowd *Umpire: Harry Robb *Head Linesman: Dan Tehan *Back Judge: Carl Rebele *Field Judge: Henry Haines *Alternate: Carl Brubaker The NFL added a fifth official, the back judge, this season; the line judge arrived in , and the side judge in .

Players' shares

Each player on the Cardinals received $1,132, while the losing Eagles got $754.


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