Mtunzini /ˈmtunzini/ ( Zulu: ''eMthunzini'', from ''umthunzi'' meaning "a place in the shade") is a small coastal town that is situated almost exactly halfway along KwaZulu-Natal KwaZulu-Natal (, also referred to as KZN and known as "the garden province"; zu, iKwaZulu-Natali; xh, KwaZulu-Natala; af, KwaZoeloe-Natal) is a Provinces of South Africa, province of South Africa that was created in 1994 when the Zulu people, ...'s coastline in South Africa South Africa, officially the Republic of South Africa (RSA), is the southernmost country in Africa. With over Demographics of South Africa, 59 million people, it is the world's List of countries by population, 23rd-most populous nation a ... approximately 140 km north of Durban Durban ( ) ( zu, eThekwini, from meaning 'the bay'), nicknamed ''Durbs'',Ishani ChettyCity nicknames in SA and across the worldArticle on ''news24.com'' from 25 October 2017. Retrieved 2021-03-05.
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Umlalazi Nature Reserve
The Umlalazi Nature Reserve is a coastal reserve situated from Mtunzini on the KwaZulu-Natal North Coast. Umlalazi was established as a protected area in 1948 and is in extent. Home of the palm-nut vulture, which is one of the rarest birds of prey in South Africa. Lagoons can have crocodiles. There are three trails in the reserve. One of which passes examples of mangrove swamps in South Africa, where several species of mangrove can be found. Another walk leads through the dune forest where bushpig, bushbuck and red, grey and blue duiker may occasionally be seen. The third trail leads through dune forest and mangrove swamp along the edge of the river. Wildflowers and a variety of bird life can be seen. There are also colonies of fiddler crabs and goby, mud-skippers. References External links Information about the reserve.
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UMlalazi Local Municipality
uMlalazi Local Municipality is an administrative area in the King Cetshwayo District Municipality, King Cetshwayo District of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. The municipality is named after the uMlalazi River. Main places The South African National Census of 2001, 2001 census divided the municipality into the following Populated place, main places: Politics The municipal council consists of fifty-four members elected by mixed-member proportional representation. Twenty-seven councillors are elected by first-past-the-post voting in twenty-seven ward (South Africa), wards, while the remaining twenty-seven are chosen from party lists so that the total number of party representatives is proportional to the number of votes received. In the South African municipal election, 2016, election of 3 August 2016 the African National Congress (ANC) won a majority of thirty seats on the council. The following table shows the results of the election. In a by-election held on 29 November 2017, a ...
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