Regulator may refer to: Technology * Regulator (automatic control), a device that maintains a designated characteristic, as in: ** Battery regulator ** Pressure regulator ** Diving regulator ** Voltage regulator * Regulator (sewer), a control device used in a combined sewer system * Regulator, a device in mechanical watches attached to the balance spring#Regulator, balance spring for adjusting the rate of the balance wheel * Regulator precision pendulum clock, originally used as a time-standard for adjusting or ''regulating'' other clocks and watches * Regulator, the throttle of a steam engine * Regulator, a component of Uilleann pipes, a form of bagpipes Science * Regulator (mathematics), a positive real number used in Dirichlet's unit theorem * Regulator gene, a gene involved in controlling the expression of one or more other genes * Regulator, an auxiliary physics concept used in regularization (physics), regularization Music and literature * The Regulators (novel), ''The Regul ...
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