Senior Advisor to the President is a title used by high-ranking political advisors to the president of the United States. White House senior advisors are senior members of the White House Office. The title has been formally used since 1993.


Over time, the senior advisor role has had responsibility for the following groups: * White House Office of Strategic Initiatives * Office of American Innovation * White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs * White House Office of Political Affairs * Office of Public Liaison * White House Communications Director

Prior administrations

In prior administrations before 1993, the position of "senior advisor" was a title used for various other purposes. Numerous examples of the position also exist throughout the Executive Departments and in the branch's independent agencies. For example, the Food and Drug Administration includes a position with the title Senior Advisor for Science; the Department of the Interior has a position with the title Senior Advisor for Alaskan Affairs.

List of senior advisors to the president

List of advisors to the president

See also

* Counselor to the President * White House Chief Strategist *Senior advisor



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