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Self extracting Archive - A self extracting archive is an archive where you do not need a program, such as the File Archiver, to extract the files contained within the archive. A self extracting archive typically has a small program contained within the archive that allows the files to be extracted.  A self extracting archive typically is an .EXE file. Using a self extracting archive is useful to send archived files to someone that does not have an archiving program. See definitions.

Self Extracting Archive Name - This will be the location and name of the self extracting archive.

Default Extraction Directory - This is the default location that will be presented when the files are extracted.  If no location is entered into this field, the default extracting directory will be the directory that the self extracting archive is run from.

Caption/Title - This field will appear in the caption of prompts presented when the self extracting archive is executed.  This is only available on the purchased version.

Click 'OK' to make the self extracting archive.

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